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Hello there.  This is my product store on Gumroad. I'm an independent software developer, trainer and writer, with many years of varied experience. I'm the creator of xtopdf, a Python toolkit for PDF creation, used by some international organizations such as Packt Publishing (UK), the Software Freedom Law Center (US) and ESRI (NL). Email me at for any product queries. I've contributed a good amount of my time to the Python ecosystem, and am a Fellow at the Python Software Foundation. Check out my quickstart tutorial for the ubiquitous vi text editor: I've developed software and managed projects at both large and small American as well as Indian software companies. I hang out at: ActiveState Code (90+ recipes, mostly in Python): Feel free to follow me here: to get updates on my new and updated products. They may include desktop apps, (e)books and courses.

A vi editor quick-start tutorial

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Python Programming Course by Email

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$75+ a month x 4

Programmers cheat sheet, bin/oct/dec/hex, 0-255.

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